Thursday, October 30, 2008

More State Fair Entries - Motifs#17,18,19, and 20

Here are some more of my State Fair entries. Please forgive the rotten pictures, I'm a terrible photographer and several of the items would not fit on the scanner.
The Collar is a design taken from Jan Stawasz' book, I shortened the width of the collar, the original was a little too much for my wife, its to be her Christmas present. It was done in size 10. I really like the way the negative space forms hearts.
The runner is an adaptation of several motifs I had found on the net, I just kept adding on till I had a runner. It's in size 10 also.

The Linen napkin was entered in the edging category. It was done in size 20 Flora. It is part of a set I am making for my niece for her hope chest, she gets one for her birthday and another for Christmas. I'm aiming for a set of 12.
The handkerchief was entered in the hemstitch category and was done in #20, Flora. I think my wife has her eye on this too :-)

This last item is not tatting but filet crochet, it needs to be re blocked there was too much handling at the fair. This is definitely my wife's, she loves fleur-de-lis.


TattingChic said...

Alan, your tatting is beautiful! What lovely works of art you have created! Your collar is absolutely beautiful. I'm sure your wife will love it as it is a lovely gift. I want to make edgings for linen napkins as well, I've been thinking of tatting edgings for napkins from Williams Sonoma, it's just a matter of scrimping enough money away from my tatting "budget" to purchase them, LOL!

Tattycat said...

Congratulations Alan! You create beautiful works of art and I am glad they garnered the recognition they deserve.

wickedtats said...

Can I ask a silly question... how do you get a ribbon and what does it mean?

Alan Kolodny said...

The answer to your question is that The items were entered in the Mississippi State Fair, one item in each of the craft categories. The items are then judged and awarded prizes. Red ribbons are second place, blue ribbons are first place.
The items are also put on display for the length of the fair.