Friday, February 12, 2010

Silver and Pearls motif #7

I recently received a very generous gift from a fellow craftsman in the Mississippi Craftsman's Guild. They had ordered some small pearls that were too small for the type of wire wrapped jewelry they make so they sent them to me as a gift to encourage me in this new direction of tating in silver. They are seed bead size and fit perfectly with the wire I use. I spent days just looking at them before deciding how to use them. I finally came up with a heart pendant using 9 pearls (Tri Heart pattern by Susan Taliaferro) and Marilee's "Keyed Up" pattern for earrings, each have 6 pearls in them. I tatted the heart in size 20 thread first and then did the silver one, they were almost identical in size. I may have found my tatting niche (ha! ha!)

I haven't sold anything on ETSY yet but have sold several pendants and earrings while waiting in the Doctor's office and to friends. Still holding out hope for my ETSY store though!

1 comment:

Liyarra said...

Alan your work is absolutely incredible and looks lovely in the photos.
I am not a jewellery type of person but if and when you get up to selling something I would love to buy a small pendant to show my love of tatting!!
Keep up the work and the pics! It is fascinating to see it developing.
Best regards to you.