Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is Hard - Tatting is Good

Staph is one of the most aggravating and scariest problems I've ever had. I've been fighting this infection since before Christmas. I am currently doing IV antibiotics, this is week three 0f this round. They had to change the antibiotics I was on because it was breaking done my muscle tissue. The new one makes me extremely ill but it seems to be working. Oh well, enough whining...

I've managed to get the nurses to avoid putting the IV in my hands so that it doesn't interfere with my tatting. I now have my work in the Mississippi Museum of Art Gift Shop, and two jewelry stores here in Jackson. I've tatted up a storm but have hardly anything here at home to show for it. My wife keeps reminding me that its a good thing, all my tatting is out there luring in customers. My work gets tons of oohs and ahhhs but few sales so far, its hard to be patient.

My newest design in silver wire is based on Yarnplayer's "Joyful Bell" pattern incorporating 2 different size pearls into the pattern, giving it a lot of movement (the center pearl hangs in the center opening) and bling. Big thanks to all the designers who graciously share their patterns. Thanks Marilee (yarnplayer).


❦TattingChic said...

Alan, did you do the earrings with wire? If so you've got to be the most talented with wire tatting I've seen yet! I'm so sorry to hear you've been dealing with a staph infection. That is a mean bug!
Get well soon!
~TattingChic ♥

whistling for Jesus said...

Alan, I've been reading your post and oohing and aahing over your work. You guys out there, I am honored to have seen Alan's work and it is simply gorgeous and so is his lovely wife, Kathy. He happens to be my pastor at New Beginnings Community Church in Natchez. Our little church is thrilled to be celebrating our one year anniversary this month . Also please congratulate our pastor. He will be celebrating his one year anniversary as an ordained minister. We are an Independant Presbyterian church located in the wonderful town of Natchez, Ms. We are presently having services at the old Woodman of the World building on Morgantown Rd at 11:00AM on Sunday mornings. If you are ever in town please drop by and be blessed.

Bonnie said...

Alan, I'm so sorry your having to deal with a staph infection! I'll be praying for you.

Your earrings are lovely!

Carol Lawecki said...

I hope you feel better soon Alan!!

Congratulations on your one year anniversary as an ordaned minister!!

Fantastic work you do with the wire. The joyful bell is so pretty with the pearls!!

Take Care!

Ridgetatter said...

What an awesome God we have that gives the gift of artistry in thread, especially tatting. Beautiful.

Congratulations on your first year and blessings upon you and your congregation; I, and my DH, are big fans of RC Sproul and have benefited from his teaching.

I hope the stap infection has been conquered!

Your friend in Christ,


Liyarra said...

I hope you are feeling better and beating that staph. Never a nice thing.

Your new earrings look fantastic.

Keep your chin up and look after yourself.

best regards,

Wendy said...

Your tatting is always so beautiful.. Sorry you're not too well at the moment