Monday, June 15, 2009

Can You Name This Doily? Motif #7a,b,c,d

April Snowflakes did bring May doilies, unfortunately it also brought a lack of organization and a SENIOR MOMENT.
I'm not sure I qualify for a senior moment in my forties, of course 20 years ago I would have said of course. Somehow the older I get the younger everyone else seems.
The senior moment has to do with remembering what the name is of each of these doilies are and where I put the patterns so I can give each designer the well earned credit they are due. So please forgive my memory lapse. I do know that one of them is the Arches doily, and another are the windmill doilies, one was done according to the pattern, the second one was made larger by increases the repeats in the pattern. All were done in Flora #20. By the way, April Snowflakes brought May Doilies, and May Doilies have brought June Earrings, so check back soon.


TattingChic said...

Your doilies are all gorgeous! Nice work! :)

Isdihara said...

Wow, These doilies are a bit of heaven, right here on Earth! So lovely! Do you tat with a shuttle or a needle? (Or both?)

Alan Kolodny said...

I mostly needle tat, I've taught myself to shuttle tat but still feel more comfortable with the needle, it comes from being a long term crocheter.

maria said...

HI Alan,
I'm Maria, Portugal, and I thank you so much for your coment...I'm still learning how to tat, but I realy love tatting art!!!!!
You know, I wouldn´t mind to send you some "pasteis de belem" but it takes so long, that I don't know if you could eat them!!!!!
Nice to meet you and feel free to coment!
My best regards,

maria said...

I must say that I admire your tatting so much...congratulations!!!