Sunday, June 28, 2009

What Happens When a Tatter Loses Their Mind... motif#8

This is what happens when a tatters starts to crack. My wife and I unfortunately have no children (not from lack of wanting), we have no pets because our apartment complex charges a fortune for them, but we do have Serta Counting Sheep. They may not be as good as kids or pets, but they don't have to be taken for a walk and never want to borrow the car. Believe it or not , the sheep are not the crazy part!!! The crazy part started a while ago while I was crocheting some baby booties and bonnets for a ministry called "Threads of Love", they take them to the local hospitals for the preemies, I decided to make a set for "Trinity" (she's a #3 Serta Counting Sheep). That was strange, but cute, but strange... the losing my mind part came when I decided she needed a little BLING, so I tatted her a tiny pink tiara with a swarovski crystal on top. My wife laughed (it is her sheep, after all) and I'm starting to think about starting a Tatters Anonymous group. Well here's Trinity.......


TattingChic said...

I tried to enlarge her pic so I could see the crystal in her new tiara, but it wouldn't show up in the new page.
Well, there are far worse addictions than tatting, right?

H J said...

Trinity looks precious! I bet all the other Serta counting sheep wish you would tat for them.